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Lake Belva Deer
Ada Hayden Heritage Park Lake
Afton City Reservoir
Ahart/Rudd N.R.A. Pond
Airport Lake
Albia (lower)
Albia City Reservoir
Alice Wyth Lake
Alliant Energy Dam
Almer Noyd W.A. Pit
Alton Roadside Park Pond
Ambroson Pit (north)
Ambrosson Pit (east)
Ambrosson Pit (middle)
Anderson Area Pond 1
Ankeny Lake (DMACC)
Annett Nature Center Pond
Arbor Lake
Arrowhead Lake
Arrowhead Lake
Ashton Park Pond
Atlantic Quarry Pond
Avenue of the Saints Pond
Backbone Lake
Badger Creek Lake
Badger Lake
Banner Lake (north)
Banner Lake (south)
Bauer Park
Beaver Lake
Beeds Lake
Belvadeer Park Pond #1
Big Creek Lake
Big Hollow Lake
Big Lake (Including Gilbert's Pond)
Big Sioux
Big Spirit Lake
Big Woods Lake
Binder Lake
Black Hawk Lake
Black Hawk Pit
Black Pit
Blue Heron Lake (Raccoon River Park)
Blue Pit
Bluebill Lake
Bob White Lake
Briggs Woods Lake
Brinker Lake
Browns Lake
Brushy Creek Lake
Buck Creek
Burt Lake
Carter Lake
Casey Lake (aka Hickory Hills Lake)
Casey Lake (aka Hickory Hills Lake)
Cedar Lake
Center Lake
Central Park Lake
Chatfield Lake
Cherry Lake
Clark Lake (Mike Zack W.A.)
Clear Lake
Clemons Creek Area Pond
Cocklin Fish Farm
Cold Springs Lake
Cooper's Cove Park Pond
Copper Creek
Coralville Reservoir
Corydon Reservoir
Crawford Creek Impoundment
Crawford Pond
Criss Cove County Park Pond
Crystal Lake
Crystal Lake Sediment Pond
Dakin Lake
Darling Camp pond
Deer Creek Wildlife Unit Pond
DeSoto Bend
Diamond Lake
Diamond Lake
Dickcissell Lake
Dike Lake
Dog Creek (Lake)
Don Williams Lake
Douma Area Pond
Dunlap Pond
East Bergfeld
East Greater Ottumwa Central Park Pond
East Lake (Lenox)
East Lake (Osceola)
East Okoboji Lake
East Twin Lake
Easter Lake
Eldred Sherwood Lake
Elk Lake
Ellis Lake
Elm Lake
Fairfield Municipal Reservoir #2
Farm Creek Lake
Fife's Grove Park Pond
Fin and Feather Lake
Fisher Lake
Five Island Lake
Fogle Lake S.W.A.
Folsom Lake
Fonda Reservoir
Fontana Mill Lake
Fort Des Moines Pond
Fossil Park Pond
Frog Hollow (aka Volga Lake)
Gateway Park South
George Wyth Lake
Gilbertson Area Lake
Glenwood Lake
Glissman Pond
Grade Lake
Grays Lake
Great Western Park Lake
Green Belt Lake
Green Castle Lake
Green Valley Lake
Greenfield Lake
Gustafson Lake
Hacklebarney East
Hacklebarney West
Hannen Lake
Hawthorne Lake (aka Barnes City Lake)
Hickory Grove Lake
Highway 4 R.A. Pond
Hillview R.A. Pond
Hooper Area Pond
Humeston Reservoir
Hurlburt W.A. Pond
Hwy 13 Pond (Murphy Lake)
Indian Lake
Ingham Lake
Interstate Park Lake
Iowa Lake
Jacob Krumm Nature Preserver Lake (west)
Jester Park Pond
Keg Creek Lake
Kent Park Lake
Kildeer R.A. Lake
Knoxville Pond
Koutny Pond
Kuennen's Pit W.A. (north)
Kuennen's Pit W.A. (south)
Lacey Keosauqua Park Lake
Lake Ahquabi
Lake Anita
Lake Catherine
Lake Considine
Lake Cornelia
Lake Darling
Lake Delhi
Lake Fisher
Lake Geode
Lake Hendricks
Lake Icaria
Lake Keomah
Lake Macbride
Lake Manawa
Lake Meyer
Lake Miami
Lake Miss (Tug Fork W)
Lake Odessa
Lake Oelwein
Lake of the Hills
Lake of Three Fires
Lake Pahoja
Lake Petoka
Lake Smith
Lake Sugema
Lake Virginia
Lake Wapello
Langwood Education Center Pond
Larson Lake
Lineville Reservoir
Little River Watershed Lake
Little Sioux Park Lake
Little Wall Lake
Littlefield Lake
Lizard Lake
Loch Ayr
Lost Grove Lake
Lost Island Lake
Lower Centerville Reservoir
Lower Gar Lake
Lower Pine Lake
Manteno Park Pond
Mariposa Lake
Marr Park Lake
Martens Lake
Martens Lake
Maynes Grove Lake
McFarland Pond
McKinley Lake
Meadow Lake
Meiers Access
Meredith Park Pond
Meyers Lake
Midway Park Lake
Mile Hill Lake
Mill Creek (Lake)
Minnewashta Lake
Moorhead Park Pond
Mormon Trail Lake
Morris Lake
Morse Lake
Mt. Ayr Game Area Ponds
Mt. Ayr Old Reservoir
Mystic Reservoir
Nelson Park Lake
New Hampton Pond (Garnet)
Newcom/Riggelman N.R.A. Pond
Newton Izaak Walton League Pond
Nine Eagles Lake
Nishna Bend R.A. Ponds
Nodaway Lake
Nodaway W.A. Pond
North Prairie Lake
North Twin Lake
Ocheyedan Pit #1
Oldham Lake
Orient Lake
Osborne Pond
Otter Creek Lake
Percival Lake
Peters Park
Petersons Pit, West
Pickerel Lake
Pierce Creek Pond
Pilot Grove Lake
Pilot Knob Lake
Pine Ridge R.A. Lake
Pioneer Park Pond
Pleasant Creek Lake
Plum Creek W.A. Pond
Pollmiller Park Lake
Pound Pit NE
Prairie Bridges Park Ponds
Prairie Park Fishery
Prairie Rose Lake
Q Pond City Park
Railroad Lake
RAPP Park Lakes
Rathbun Reservoir
Red Haw Lake
Red Rock Reservoir
Rice Lake
Ringgold Management Area Ponds
Ringneck Haven
Roberts Creek Lake
Rock Creek
Rock Creek Lake
Rodgers Park Lake
Ross Area Pit
Round Prairie Park Entry Pond
Rudd Lake
Sand Lake
Sand Lake
Sands Timber Lake (Blockton Reservoir)
Sandy Hollow Park Lake
Savery Pond
Sawmill Hollow W.A. Pond
Saylorville Reservoir
Schaben Pond
Scharnberg Pond
Schley Park Pond
Schmerse W.A. Pond
Scott Lake B
Seymour Reservoir
Silver Lake (Delaware)
Silver Lake (Dickinson)
Silver Lake (Palo Alto)
Silver Lake (Worth)
Silver Springs Pond
Slip Bluff Lake
Snyder Bend Lake
Snyder Pit
South Prairie Lake
South Twin Lake
Split Rock Lake
Spring Lake
Springbrook Lake
St. Benedict W.A. Pond
Storm Lake (incl Little Storm Lake)
Sturchler Pit (Newell Pit)
Summitt Lake
Sunken Grove Lake
Swan Lake
Swan Lake
Taylor Park Pond
Thayer Lake
Thomas Mitchell Lake
Three Mile Lake
Three Rivers Pond
Tigges Pond Willey
Torkelson Pit W.A. (north)
Torkelson Pit W.A. (southeast)
Torkelson Pit W.A. (southwest)
Twelve Mile Creek Lake
Twelve-Mile Lake
Union Grove Lake
Upper Centerville Reservoir
Upper Iowa River
Upper Pine Lake
Ventura Marsh
Viking Lake
Virgin Lake
Virginia Grove R.A. Pond
Walker Johnson Pond
Walnut Creek Marsh
Walton Reservoir
West Lake (Lenox)
West Lake (Osceola)
West Lake Corning
West Okoboji Lake
West Swan Lake S.W.M.A.
White Oak
White Oak Conservation Area Lake
Whittemore Pit
Williamson Pond
Willow Creek
Willow Lake
Wilson Lake
Wilson Park Lake
Windmill Lake
Worth County Lake
Yellow Banks Park Pond
Yellow Smoke Park Lake
Yenrougis Pond
Easter Lake
Electrofishing Survey (06/01/2015)
Number of fish caught in each category (inches)
Black Crappie 0013200000000
Bluegill 5302518000000000
Green Sunfish 0000100000000
Gizzard Shad 003327000460000
White Crappie 0000210000000
Channel Catfish 0000001010010
Common Carp 0032004333010
Freshwater Drum 0001000000000
Golden Shiner 1100000000000
Largemouth Bass 00492795200000
Hoop Netting Survey (06/01/2015)
Number of fish caught in each category (inches)
Black Bullhead 0001541700000
Black Crappie 003263020000000
Bluegill 0215822000000000
White Crappie 006313352100000
Channel Catfish 000918396035265610
Common Carp 0048203223300
Freshwater Drum 0010000000000
Golden Shiner 0300000000000
Fyke Netting Survey (06/01/2015)
Number of fish caught in each category (inches)
Black Bullhead 0000101100000
Black Crappie 0013341199202000000
Bluegill 32546831000000000
White Crappie 00039112271986000
Common Carp 0000040111000
Largemouth Bass 0000010100000
Walleye 0000000120000
Number of fish caught in each category (inches)
Black Bullhead 0001642800000
Black Crappie 0016650231222000000
Bluegill 3710515171000000000
Green Sunfish 0000100000000
Gizzard Shad 003327000460000
White Crappie 006701473331086000
Channel Catfish 000918396135275620
Common Carp 00710247667310
Freshwater Drum 0011000000000
Golden Shiner 1400000000000
Largemouth Bass 004927105300000
Walleye 0000000120000


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